1777 Non-Emergency Private Ambulance Operators and Basic Charges
All prices shown are provided by the respective Private Ambulance Operators.*

NO. Chargeable Service Published Average Rates
1 Ambulance 1-way transfer to A&E $120 (office hrs)
$150 (after office hrs)
2 Ambulance 1-way transfer (Miscellaneous) $80 (office hrs)
$120 (after office hrs)
3 Ambulance Discharge from Hospital $80 (office hrs)
$120 (after office hrs)
4 Provision of Additional Oxygen Supply $35
5 Maternity Cases $200
6 Psychiatric Cases $300
7 Disposables - bandages, dressings, diapers, Ready Pack Dressing Set, etc $20
8 Resuscitation per session $300
9 Ground Transfer - S'pore to JB Hospital (within 1 hr from checkpoint clearance) $400
10 Nursing Procedures e.g. insertion of tube feeding, urinary catheterization, simple wound dressing, giving injection, etc $150
11 Provision of ambulance transfers from hospitals to airport/seaport or vice versa $200 (Without Tarmac)
$600 (WithTarmac)
12 Staff Nurse with ventilator, monitoring equipment, syringe drivers / pumps oxygen, etc to fetch patient from hospital to home or vice versa Call 1777 To Enquire

* This list is compiled by the Non-Emergency Private Ambulance Operators. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is correct and up to date but no responsibility is assumed with respect to any of this information. The information provided is meant solely as a guide. Besides cash, payment by credit card or NETS is now available. Users of this information are advised to check directly with the respective Non-Emergency Private Ambulance Operators to verify that the information is current, and on the mode of payment available.


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