On The Radio: Joseph See & Jonathan Thio on CNA938 Live

On The Radio: Joseph See & Jonathan Thio on CNA938 Live

On The Radio: Joseph See & Jonathan Thio on CNA938 Live

Our Chief Financial and People Officer, Jonathan Thio (left) and Chief Executive Officer, Joseph See (right) with the hosts of Money Mind Program on Mediacorp CNA938 Live Radio

Broadcasting talks and news, CNA938 is an English radio station of Mediacorp in Singapore and the station runs as the complementary to its parent television counterpart.

On November 28, our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Joseph See and Chief Financial and People Officer Jonathan Thio went on CNA938 Live Radio to share a bit about providing second chances for the marginalised.

This isn’t the first time our team had spoken on live radio. In August 2019, Founder Anil David spoke on CNA938 Live to share about his inspiring life story and more about Agape’s mission.

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With the hosts of The Money Mind program, Joseph and Jonathan spoke about the importance of providing equal re-skilling and employment opportunities to rebuild lives of the disadvantaged, specifically prison inmates, ex-offenders, single mothers and physically challenged.

You can catch a snippet of it in the link below.

Money Mind – Second Chances for the Marginalised

What are the adjustments that businesses will have to make when hiring the marginalised, such as ex-convicts, single mothers and those with disabilities? We find out more from Joseph See, Chief Executive Officer and Thio Chin Koon, Chief People Officer & Chief Financial Officer, both from Agape, Connecting People Pte Ltd.Money Mind, weekdays 10am to 2pm on #CNA938.

Posted by CNA938 on Wednesday, 27 November 2019

If you would like to join us in our journey of rebuilding lives, please contact us here.

Photo taken from Joseph See’s LinkedIn Page