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Supercharge the overall performance of your business with our cutting-edge contact centre technology.


your productivity and manpower requirements by automating as much as 85% of your routine processeses.


Keep up...

with the everchanging demands of your customers with our innovative customer experience management systems.


customer service of the highest quality possible, whether you are an enterprise or a contact centre.

What can our services do for your business?

The design of any technological solution needs to be dynamic in order to easily adapt to any situation that may arise, while providing an overall unified communications facility internally as well as externally.

Implementing such a dynamic solution would require a platform developed on a Service Oriented Architecture, where bridges are built between various application components to enhance communication.

This is advantageous for any solution since it allows for the platform to…


Reuse existing components


Easily integrate with multiple 3rd party systems


Quickly respond to changing business and market needs


Offer a unified and cost effective solution


The award winning Ameyo platform is a completely integrated solution enabling full automation of processes as well as a dynamic logic based on SOA and MDA architecture providing contact centres with a unified and flexible communication solution.

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