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Heartwarming: Living Life Without Limits

Living Life Without Limits

A team of four final year students in Mass Media Management from Nanyang Polytechnic recently featured two of Agape’s physically challenged staff — Jerome and Nur, in a short video entitled “Living Life Without Limits”.

As physically challenged citizens, both Jerome and Nur shared their personal views on employment, and their aspirations to lead normal lives to support their families.

Anna, one of the four students, is the daughter of Jerome. It was heartening to learn that Anna’s personal motivation was to use this video to thank her father for raising her up, and at the same time, encourage all differently enabled people that there are employers out there that do embrace diversity and inclusive hiring.

You may watch the video below.

Living Life Without Limits

We would like to extend our appreciation to Masturah Bte Razali, Jessen Chan Jun Yi, Anna Wee Shu Ning and John Christopher Reyes of NYP, for the initiative of this project.

Original story from our CEO Joseph See’s LinkedIn.