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Agape Stories: Nur

Agape Stories: Nur

It has been 3 years since we first hired Nur, one of Agape’s contact centre agents.

Her disability didn’t stop her from learning….she gradually picked up the skills to handle customer calls,emails and live chats. Nur even went on to complete her diploma recently. I feel so happy for her when she revealed she got her keys to her HDB flat.

She teaches me important life lessons on resilience and growth mindset. It’s also humbling to witness how lives get transformed and dignity gets restored, just from a decision to give someone a chance.

While I thought joining Agape allows me to give back and contribute, it’s amazes me everyday that I am actually receiving much much more instead.

As for Nur, while she is unable to stand up, she is definitely rising.

You can also view this video on our YouTube channel.

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